Why Buy From Us. Image of the Why Buy From Us? flyer from Oswald's Medical.

Buying medical equipment in-store is the best way to ensure you get what you need. While medical equipment prices on certain websites can’t be beat, you’re taking a huge gamble on something you or a family member will rely on every single day. Our goal is to stock the highest quality equipment at affordable prices and to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.

The Process

To find the best medical equipment for any needs, all of our employees will go through a general process. This process includes:

  • Discovering what you need. Even if you know what you need, you most likely won’t know the options or variations available. Our team members will ask several questions to find your needs and preferences to show you the best individual options.
  • Recommendations. Think of recommendations as a personalized in-person version of the ‘similar to’ options on webstores. The difference here is that our team members have the knowledge to show you the best options–along with accessories that may make life a lot easier.
  • Sizing. Medical equipment is never one-size-fits-all. Everything from ankle braces to wheelchairs come in different sizes. Getting a rollator that’s too short can take its toll on a user’s back, just as a mobility scooter will get poor mileage if a user is too large. Getting the appropriate size right for any piece of equipment can make all the difference.
  • Purchase Records. We keep track of every medical equipment purchase made. This enables us to quickly look up customer history and provide prompt repairs and purchase history inquiries. It also lets us quickly take care of the number one reason not to buy medical equipment on the internet…

Oswald's Medical Equipment Repairs. Photo of Oswald's Medical repair technicians fixing a lift chair.


Our team consists of several technicians who are trained to repair all of the medical equipment devices we carry. This ability relies on the expertise of our staff as well as our close relationships with many major medical equipment manufacturers.

Finding a specific medical equipment part online can be difficult enough. Installing that part yourself can be a nightmare and may even damage the equipment further. Our technicians have your medical equipment purchase history with us on-hand. This allows us to get you the repairs you need when you need them.

Repairs and maintenance are the number one reason to buy new medical equipment locally. Websites that offer warranty and repair options rely on regional technicians who will get to you when and if they are in the area. These contracts are not specific and it can take weeks to get a repair technician to your door.

If you’re going to be using medical equipment for any prolonged period of time, you should 100% buy local. The ability to contact an actual person who has records of your needs will save countless hours of headaches and waiting.

Oswald's Medical Lift Chair Try Before You Buy. Photo of an Oswald's Medical team member helping a customer select a lift chair.

Questions & Training

Buying things on the internet really only has one advantage over in-store: pricing. Ordering from the web is, most of the time, cheaper than buying locally. While this is not always the case, large online stores like Amazon and Walmart have buying power that allows them to get many items much cheaper than local and regional retailers.

But what happens when you buy something essential online and need help with it? Megastores on the internet certainly don’t have the personnel to assist you with equipment instructions. Using some higher-tech devices like scooters or power wheelchairs can actually be difficult, making talking to a general online store representative pointless.

Buying locally not only allows you to try medical equipment before buying, but it also gives you a resource to help with the use and maintenance of any medical equipment. Having a place to call where you can talk to a person and get the information you need quickly is becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. Buying locally gives you this resource at no additional cost.