UPWalker Lite


The newest addition to the UPWalker upright walker family!

The UPWalker Lite is a lighter, more compact version of the rolling upright walker that revolutionized the industry. Built to give users confidence and mobility, the UPWalker Lite offers all the features of the original UPWalker in a compact package.

The UPWalker was designed to enable users with posture issues to stand straight. This allows them to look ahead and move around safely.


UPWalker Lite Features

  • Padded, Adjustable-Height Armrests
  • Ergonomic, Lockable Brakes
  • A Comfortable Fabric Seat & Backrest
  • Sit-To-Stand Handles
  • 8″ Front Wheels
  • A Durable Frame That Folds For Transport!
  • Free Personal UPWalker Bag
  • Free Beverage Holder

UPWalker Lite features image. Shows three pictures. From top to bottom: Free personal bag (in black, shown on the UPWalker Lite), Free beverage holder (shown attached to the UPWalker Lite), Free backrest (shown on the UPWalker Lite with an older woman sitting in it). "A $42.00 Value" and "As seen on TV" text boxes on image bottom.

Product Specifications

Features UPWalker Lite
User Height Range 4’7″-5’10”
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Length 29.8″
Width 24.8″
Armrest Height Range 34″-45″
Seat Width 18″
Seat Height From Ground 21.5″
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height 27″
Unit Weight 15.5 lbs
Front Wheel Size 8″
Rear Wheel Size 6″
Folded Dimensions
Length 29″
Height 40″
Width 8.5″